PEST specialise in wasp and hornets nest removal in Cheshire and the surrounding region, as well as the eradication of wasps and hornets whenever they are a problem for a home or business. Wasps are most active during warmer summer months. Their stings are painful and not usually harmful, although in rare instances can be dangerous and cause allergic reactions.

The number of new nests can grow dramatically the following year if a small infestation is left unchecked, because a queen that survives one season will go on to produce many new queens, each of which will have a new nest. So professional pest control advice is recommended if they become a serious nuisance. DIY attempts to deal with a wasp or hornets nest are not recommended because of the high risk of being stung.

At PEST, we have the expertise and experience to eliminate wasps from your home or business. We provide targeted, safe and effective treatments, suited to a particular wasp problem and the location. Our tailored solutions and deterrents aim to stop the wasp infestation reoccurring, and PEST can also offer preventative advice to protect your home or business in the future.


Below are just a few reasons to get any Wasp infestation dealt with quickly…

  • Wasp Nests

    Wasps typically build nests in sheltered spots like crevices, holes in the ground, attic spaces and garden sheds. You can often spot the location source of wasps by observing their movements.

  • Food sources

    Wasps are attracted to a wide variety of foods, and not just the sweet and sugary ones we tend to associate them with. Good food hygiene and keeping foods safely covered and stored is important.

  • Signs of Wasps

    If you notice a number of wasps in your home or business, you may have a nest nearby. If you observe many of them using a single point of entry to a room or building, it is highly likely there will be a nest in the vicinity.