Mosquitoes and midges are annoying biting insects, are highly active in warmer sultry months, and can be very disruptive if an infestation occurs. Their bites can be painful and itchy, but it is rare for a serious disease to be transmitted to humans. Their larvae breeds near still water, and the cycle of eggs to adults is very fast.

Mosquitoes and midges are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) exhaled by all animals including humans, and seek out a host to bite their skin and extract blood. If your home or business suffers from a mosquitoes or midges infestation, help is at hand. PEST can advise and quickly target and eradicate any infestation.

At PEST, we have the expertise and experience to eliminate midges from your home or business. We provide targeted, safe and effective treatments, suited to a particular midge problem and the location. Our tailored solutions and deterrents aim to stop the midge infestation reoccurring, and PEST can also offer preventative advice to protect your home or business in the future.


Below are just a few reasons to get any Midge infestation dealt with quickly…

  • Risk of Bites

    Humans are most vulnerable to midge mosquitoe bites in sultry overcast weather, particularly at dawn and dusk when these insects are active. Sweating exposed skin is particularly vulnerable.

  • Deterrents

    You can minimise the risk of mosquito or midge bites by covering skin as much as possible at dawn and dusk, avoiding bright colours and strong perfumes, and avoiding areas with stagnant water.

  • Signs of Midges & Mosquitoes

    Bites are the most obvious sign that these insects are nearby. Mosquitoes also emit their notorious low whining buzz, often in bedrooms at night. You might see them on ceilings or light fittings.